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8th Apr 2017

This is the section that deals with the basic rules of the SASIM universe that MUST BE READ BY NEW MEMBERS.
What are we?
SASAIM is a Criminal role-play universe set in GTA 5 where you can RP as anything from an MC member to a police officer. In essence we are an organised Role play community that acts realistically by staying under the radar as cooks or bringing the crooks on the radar as the law.
How the RP works.
The RP is shown via RP sessions with other site members and Imgur journals (more on Imgur later) where you document your work and tell a story whether it be arresting a meth dealer as a cop, running guns as a MC member or just living your life as a civilian. 
General Rules of the world.
1. Your name on the website must reflect your RP character in the universe (Connormaxamuis=Connor Macpherson)
2. Anything said or done in RP is just that in RP and should not be taken personally or seriously at anytime.
3. This is a community based around realism meaning in RP sessions, journals and RP chat rooms you are expected and required to act in said manner.
4. In the universe there is an established layout of the relations and status between factions (Lost MC, Vagos, War Hounds MC) members of the site are not allowed to single handily change the relationships between factions or their status e.g. Destroyed or to add new factions into the universe
5. When you decide what your character is (civilian, cop, MC) you should stick to that type of character unless the change makes sense in RP e.g. a civilian can't pay the bills so turns to crime not a cop waking up one day quitting his job and becoming a MC prospect.
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Forum » Forums » Rules/Regualtions
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